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The Rising Dawn

Fire encompassing the land,
Beauty forcing me to stand,
bounding nature as its band,
triumph conquering the land.

Rising in the East,
Setting in the West,
hurry to the fire feast,
for it is the basis of progress.

Leaves outstretched,
as love becomes etched,
forever embracing,
as we are constantly facing.

Fear not child,
night has not yet come,
for we are all reconciled,
for we reach the same outcome.

Eternal night,
forever causing fright,
with all darkness’s might,
but we shall not go without a fight.

Our fire embraces all,
and shall not fall.
For now, we have reach landfall,
no longer fearing nightfall.


Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 

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