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The Primordial Waters


The muses of Ole’ give me your wisdom
For I as a poet call to thee shaken.
The ages past with the degradation of the kingdom,
Yet still far are we from salvation.

The battle of the heavens occurring nightly,
The Sol lights the day,
With the crescent lighting shyly.
When all we wish light stay … stay.

For the beach is beautiful,
In its depth,
And with gifts bountiful.
As we hardly understand its breadth.

The Sol of the noon piercing your soul,
As the depths of your mind and body feel its rays.
Just as you go for a stroll
Under the Sol’s gaze.

The blessed light that kisses your cheeks,
and Warms the water of Primordial Earth.
For they are the original antiques
Of which gives eternal birth.

These hallowed waters that give life and death,
Yet humanity sees only the cover.
When here, one’s wish to take a breath,
As many fail to discover.

The discovery of feeling, touching.
All simple things taken for granted.
With the ocean forever clutching,
Forever magnificently enchanted.

To be dragged in the currents of ole’,
Yet the experience forever new.
Forever imprinting upon your soul.
Do you feel it, too?

The eternal nature of the ocean…
Push and Pull, forever intertwined.
With its shy commotion,
And eternal breeze refined.

Sand the most ancient of all of these.
For it is the remnant of mountains past,
When they were covered with trees,
Or consumed by the volcanic blasts.

The past forges the inevitable,
With the remnants of the past forever present.
Yet we can make the world evitable,
With our hallowed power to circumvent.



Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 

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