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Sporadic Growth

Seeds planted
Taken for granted
even though seeds enchanted
Constantly they are unplanted.

With soil bare
Crows infesting
granting the farmer dispair
As he is only jesting

Jesting in his craft
not realizing the state of his raft,
Till it springs a leak
for he knows he is weak.

Water enclosing
it cares not for posing
for you cannot stop disclosing
desperately proposing.

There is yet hope for you
,hallowed one not yet gone,
Keep your scared life from going askew
for we must grow as bamboo.

That grass of which pierces the heart of the soul
to eternally plant, our goal.
For it our birthright
For it is by our might.


Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 

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