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Silence Reigned King that Night

Silence Reigned King that night,
Soldiers awaiting the fight,
Bitter and cold by that fire dim,
yet they began that hallowed hymn.

With bashing of shields,
for all to hear,
as their voices echoed across the fields,
refusing to disappear.

“When the moon was high,
and the stars were bright,
I see you in the night,
by that hallowed glass eye.

Over the hill, over the hill,
My Love, I see you in the Night,
with the stars so bright,
with that frightful chill,

My Love, My Love, you, my light,
you, my guide,
My Blessed War Bride,
you cured my fright tonight.

Sharpen the Swords,
Sharpen the Swords,
men its time to Sharpen the Swords
For shall fight, we shall win,
for we fight for our Kin.

For defense, of all,
To defend our wall,
For defense, of all,
To defend our wall.
For we fight for our Kin,
So we shall Win.”


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