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That which tears families apart
That which warps boys into men
That which all suffer
And, in war all stay

The soldier that fights
The soldier that kills
The soldier that dies
And, loved ones believe they’re alive

With every kill a veteran forged
With every kill a man lost
With every kill all suffer
And, war is never fair to both

Soldier fighting for homes
Soldier fighting for their lives
Soldier fighting for liberty
But, does it make it ok

For every kill home gets farther
For every death hope flees
For every inch all will fight
But, never rule out the home team

Help for the suffering
Help for the people
Help for the nation under threat
But, nations watch without a word

The Powerful only stand
The Powerful only fight
The Powerful only lead
And, it’s all a lie

Unified all are powerful
Unified all are worthy
Unified all can help
And, non-lift a finger

If Bloodshed stops none suffer
If Bloodshed stops peace occurs
If Bloodshed stops all endure
But, no light in sight

Men want wealth
Men want power
Men want influence
And, what cost to their humanity

Glory to those who embrace democracy
Glory to those who put the people first
Glory to those who respect the past
And, never look back

Woe to you wants and gets
Woe to you that pleasures your life
Woe to you the merciless on
And, for that your life is empty

Embrace peace
Embrace unity
Embrace freedom
But, don’t ignore the people

The people are the government
The people are the reason for it
The people are its founders and creators
But, all forget it

To save the people
To save each other
To save governments
But, not control it

Have Peace
Have Peace
Have Peace



Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 

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