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Passion of Fire

I am set ablaze by you Sol,
Seeping into my soul.
Forcing my phoenix to birthed,
Now my being is finally unearthed.

Wings outstretch,
Head held high.
It is time to etch
The never said good bye.

This cursed tablet thrown to sea,
Where it will forever be.
The wind burning my flames to size,
Yet forever entranced am I by Heaven’s Eye.

Warmth, beauty, and life flow forth,
As this Eye lights my heart henceforth.
Flying to the Eye,
That I may not pass by.

May the Goddess of the Sol,
Grant me life renewed.
Now you bring me life above all,
Life so hallow of all the birthed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 
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