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Leaders in March

Leaders marching,
down the path not taken,
for a future forever surging,
for we may reawaken.

Warriors few and all,
we few receiving the call,
not without but within,
which is why we must win.

Future ever covered in mist,
with the present forever evident,
sometimes falling to persist,
keeping us from our excellence.

For the past forges the inevitable,
With the remnants of the past forever present.
Yet we can make the world evitable,
With our hallowed power to circumvent.

Decide today,
Decide Tomorrow,
either way, you are in the fray,
the question is do you plough.

Do you help your neighbors
farm, so they are not pained with labors,
for a piece of bread saves not,
it is only survival bought.

We do not supply food,
we only grow it,
even in our generous mood,
we only feed the pit.

What returns expected?
Only dreams neglected.
Now rise Leaders in march,
for now is the time to build our Roman arch.

Not made from stone,
not made from concrete,
not made from brick,
not made from mortar.

For this arch is built from light,
built from strength,
built from dreams saved,
and built from a future not yet present.

Leaders marching,
leaders giving,
leaders planting,
and leaders growing.

I thank thee,
for planting this tree,
for my mind is reliant,
on the growth of this simple joyful giant.


Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 

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