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Languages of Humanity

Noise spoken,
language unspoken,
leaving you heartbroken
by that same token.

We must remain unbroken,
so we are not heartbroken,
Language internal,
Language external.

Both these are sacred,
yet lay forgotten,
Language fated,
but never rotten.

Fate forged by action,
changed by reaction,
with words only being a fraction,
for we focus on the abstraction.

Action speaks loudest,
for it is the proudest,
for it is known,
yet unknown.

Focus on words,
which are a small fraction,
like they are vast herds,
leading to communication refraction.

Universal language of humanity,
providing us sanity,
so we avoid vanity,
avoiding eternal inhumanity.

Languages three in number,
so do not slumber,
we must first know the word,
not identical to the third.

The second is that of the body,
with the third close behind
for it always affects somebody,
yet now is streamlined.

Third and most powerful,
with noise forever colorful,
forging the eternal wonder,
striking our soul with thunder.

For the Third is music,
forever therapeutic,
we know the emotion,
before we understand its shy commotion.

Think hard,
Think long,
Think eternal,
Think now.

For the beginning and the end,
forever intertwined
communication shall live on
forever into the coming dawn.


Thank you for taking the time to read my poem! 
I trully appreciate it, I ask that if you enjoyed this poem 

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