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Great Sequoia

Muses beckon to my plea,
Calliope, Muse of epic poetry,
For I have lost the spark of this hallowed art.
Rekindle the fire in my youthful heart.

I have sat idle far too long,
Far to content with the doings of nothing.
I beseech that you forgive this wrong,
For I lay here broken, requiring a new trussing.

The skills unused rust,
While the quill lay gathering dust.
Parchment the sacred weapon of the scholar,
An eternal battle against squalor.

The time is nigh,
The time to brush away the rust.
I wish to find in you an ally,
or you no longer need to distrust.

The wheels of my mind turn at present,
For the inevitable assent.
To the heights of Homer, I strive,
Hopeful that I will arrive.

I pray that I will not share a fate,
With sorrowful Sisyphus, forever in torment.
I plead that I am kept straight,
With diminished discontent.

Great Ancient of the Forest I call to thee now,
The time is nigh to pay homage, that I vow.
To you Great One, King of Trees,
Yet forever subject to the eternal breeze.

Your rule reigns from Ancient Greece,
Fathers of Architecture and Philosophy.
Your rule is the great masterpiece,
A testament to ecology.

Your limbs keep chaos at bay,
An impenetrable fortress, forced to sway.
Yet Anemoi, Father of Winter,
Fails to make you splinter.

The Keep filled with grain,
The walls fortified against the ensuing cold,
Far too vast for Anemoi to drain,
And the stories in your halls forever told.

The only being to conquer you,
Is mighty Cronos who turned you askew.
Wilted your stores of grain,
And time and again, flooded your fortress with rain.

The same Mighty and cruel Lord of Time,
Devourer of the Weak, who turn your beauty to dirt.
Transforming you once more to primordial grime,
Yet from your energy new life will spurt.

Birthed from the Primordial Waters,
From Parents, Sol and Luna, we give eternal honors.
From them life will be given eternal,
For energy is forever fertile.

Energy never fading into the abyss,
Even as this marble of wonder,
Of whom we will not miss.
As the Universe corrects our blunder.

Energy will yet persist,
Far beyond humanity it will exist.
To that degree I cannot comprehend,
Yet how can I contend

With forces Ying and Yang intertwine,
Forever in eternal dance,
Until their roles no longer aline.
We strive to continually enhance

Much like your ancestors of ole,
Striving for survival perfection.
For this is the ecological parole,
Slowly through nature’s convection.

Ancient King of Ole and Now,
We are the same and different,
We are forever connected by the Tao.
With humanity in, finite discontent,

Yet your kingdom eternally content
Which is something we cannot prevent.
Your rule is pure and true,
Yet we can only slew.

Peace in chaos is our living memory,
The air you breathe even tells the tale.
Which is why I stand here in revelry,
Trying to give homage like a snail.

Half a moon I made this attempt,
Appeasing my own discontent.
Here I stand at the slope of my toil,
Wondering if this will soon spoil.

Long live the Ancient One,
Conqueror and ruler of the forest of ole,
Bearer of life which has always begun,
Like your father the Sun.


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